Sanders Fitness Centre

If you like to keep fit while you travel, Sanders Fitness Centre is just a short distance from Chateau Impney Hotel, and exclusive discounts are available for our residents.

  • Sanders Fitness: Gym partner of Chateau Impney Hotel, Worcestershire
  • Nearby leisure facilities, Chateau Impney Hotel, Worcestershire
  • Nearby leisure facilities, Chateau Impney Hotel, Worcestershire

Sanders Fitness Centre is a fully equipped gym and personal training centre, located just 10 minutes away from the Chateau at the picturesque Gaudet Luce Golf Club. This fantastic gym offers the latest Technogym equipment, a range of exciting classes for every fitness level, and advice from a friendly, expert team.

Pay-as-you-go sessions and classes are usually priced at £5 per person, but Chateau Impney residents can use Sanders Fitness Centre for just £3.50. All you need to do is pick up a guest pass from Reception before you leave for the gym.

Classes at Sanders Fitness

Keep fit and mobile by improving flexibility, balance, coordination and strength in this special ladies-only class.

Boot Camp
Exercise outside with this high-intensity workout, developing strength and fitness using tyres, battle ropes, kettlebells, boxing gloves and sledge hammers!

Hit all those target areas with this ‘body blitz’, featuring unique stations that build muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Improve your strength and burn fat with an intense kettlebells workout.

Improve your posture and core muscles with a complete abs and back attack using stability balls.

Fit for Golf
Improve your game and swing by utilising a state-of-the-art kinesis machine to engage your core and improve your stability.

Mondays: Ladies at 11am, Core at 5pm, Boot Camp at 7.15pm
Tuesdays: Fit for Golf at 9am, Ladies at 10am, Circuits at 7.15pm
Wednesdays: Ladies at 11am, Core at 6.15pm, Boot Camp at 7.15pm
Thursdays: Ladies at 10am, Circuits at 7.15pm, Kettlebell at 8.15pm
Fridays: Fit for Golf at 8am, Boot Camp at 6pm
Saturday: Boot Camp at 9am, Kettlebell at 10am
Sunday: Boot Camp at 9am

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