Chateau Impney Hotel and Exhibition Centre

General Booking Terms & Conditions

Please note that these terms & conditions are in addition to any specific rate rules, which may apply to any rate booked at our hotel. If you have any queries or concerns about either these general terms & conditions or the specific rules, including cancellation policies, which may apply to the rate you have booked, please contact the hotel team on 01905 774411.

  1. You confirm you are aged 18 years or over and that at least one guest in your party will be aged at least 18 years upon check in.
  2. You have read and understand the specific rate rules and cancellation policy, which apply to the rate(s) you have reserved at the hotel.
  3. As exchange rates may fluctuate, from the time a reservation is made until the actual stay, and during the actual stay, the confirmed rate is guaranteed in the hotel’s base currency (GBP).
  4. All room rates and prices include VAT at the standard rate applicable at the time the reservation is made. Changes in the applied rate of VAT which take place between the time the booking is made and the time the reservation is fulfilled, will be reflected in the rate charged for the actual stay.
  5. Specific service charges or taxes may be applicable.
  6. Unless otherwise stated, check in time is 3pm.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, check out time is 11am.
  8. If your rate applies to accommodation in either our Impney Court (BUDGET) rooms or our Impney Apartments, check in will be in the main hotel reception although your accommodation is not located in the main Chateau building. We recommend that you do not unload your car or luggage until you have checked in.
  9. The hotel reserves the right to reduce, limit or restrict access to various areas of the hotel and site in line with business needs and requirements.
  10. All cancellations must be made in writing.  In the case that your reservation was made through a third party, including Travel Agencies, Online Travel Agencies, Discount or Promotional Partners, you are required to make any request for cancellation through the same party your reservation was made.  Specific cancellation and amendment policies may apply to certain rates or packages and you are required to check these prior to making a booking or subsequently seeking to cancel or amend a booking.
  11. A credit card must be presented upon check-in for damage deposits, incidentals or any extras purchased during your stay. Please be aware that cancelled pre-authorisations can take up to 9 working days for the money to be released back into your account.
  12. The Chateau Impney Hotel & Exhibition Centre, including all bedrooms, function rooms, event spaces and public areas are strictly smoke-free. The company reserves the right to apply a cleaning charge of £100.00 to the account of any guest who breaches this policy.
  13. The hotel reserves the right to apply a cleaning charge and damage reparation charge to the account of any guest who causes damage or soiling to hotel property, furniture, fixtures or equipment.  Such charges will reflect the actual cost of replacement of such items which are damaged or soiled, a fee equivalent to any revenue lost by the hotel due to a space or bedroom being unable to be let as a result of such damage or soiling, including smoking, along with an administrative charge of £100.00.
  14. Please be aware that upon inspection of the room, any items that have been removed are chargeable.
  15. Budget rooms and Apartments are pet friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcomed for an additional charge of £25 per dog, per night.
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