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Croquembouche for a wedding at Chateau Impney, Droitwich

Wedding Cake Traditions from Around the World

Monday 5 December 2016

We all know how important the wedding cake is in a British wedding, but each country has its own delicious wedding cake custom, which can provide fantastic alternatives to a traditional cake on your special day! We spoke to Dal from Fancier Cakes to find out more.

Dal from Fancier Cakes, our expert wedding cake partner, is well versed in traditions from across the globe, and has lots of helpful advice for brides and grooms that are looking for a cake inspired by a different culture.

Most countries have their own wedding cake traditions – the most unusual I’ve seen is from South Korea, where the wedding cake is made of ground steamed rice covered in a red powder! However, I particularly like European wedding cake alternatives, including French, Spanish and Italian traditions.

At a French wedding, you are likely to see a croquembouche – a tall pyramid of cream filled choux pastry balls decorated with caramel. This is my favourite alternative to a wedding cake as it looks so unusual when decorated with fruits and nuts, and it makes a great statement. I think a croquembouche would fit in very well at a French chateau!

Croquembouche: Chateau Impney, Droitwich

The traditional Spanish cake isn’t tiered like a British cake might be, and resembles a flan instead – a flat tart-like cake, which is often filled with nuts, fruits and custard. Similarly to a British fruitcake, the fruits and nuts may be soaked in alcohol – the Spanish mostly use rum.

In Italy, brides tend to choose simple yet tasty cakes and the millefoglie (mille-feuille) is a very popular option – the name means “a thousand layers”. The cake is made up very thin sheets of filo pastry, filled with Chantilly cream, and topped with seasonal fruit and chocolate.

Millefoglie: Chateau Impney, Droitwich

Whether you’d like a European alternative or a traditional British wedding cake, get in touch with Fancier Cakes and find out more about how they can create your dream cake or dessert. To find out more about holding your wedding at Chateau Impney and to arrange a viewing, call Olivia on 01905 827 585 or email

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