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The Top Five Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Choosing the perfect destination for your honeymoon can be a tough decision! However, we’re here to help and we’ve teamed up with Donna Elder from GoCruise, our expert wedding partner, to find out more about the most romantic honeymoon locations around the world.

Embarking on honeymoon is really the icing on the cake when it comes to your wedding, keeping the celebrations going for at least a few days longer! At Chateau Impney, we’re delighted to have the support of our expert wedding partners like Donna, who is a specialist in cruises and luxury getaways and has sent many a happy couple on their dream honeymoon.

Your honeymoon offers the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, and where better to do so than on a gorgeous beach with plenty of sunshine? There are hundreds of destinations to choose from, but the following five countries offer a taste of sheer paradise.


With white sand, blue waters and secluded beaches, the Maldives is a truly wonderful romantic hideaway that offers ample opportunity for relaxation. There are plenty of activities for newlyweds within the country’s beautiful resorts, including candlelit dinners, spa treatments, sunset cruises, and scuba diving. 

Best time to visit: The dry season takes place between November and April, making the Maldives a fantastic choice if you’re having a winter wedding.

Maldives honeymoon hotspot: Chateau Impney, Worcestershire wedding venue


A perfect tropical paradise! While Bali’s luxury resorts and private villas are ideal for soaking up the sunshine, the island is also an excellent choice for those craving a little adventure. Alongside the endless beaches and amazing sunsets, there are also volcanic mountains and lush, green forests to discover.

Best time to visit: Bali is at its best any time from April to October.


Although Thailand is well known as a tourist destination with many lively cities, it is also home to a plethora of islands that are only accessible by boat, therefore offering a more low-key romantic getaway. Island-hopping is a must, letting you see everything from the bustling streets of Bangkok to lush jungle, rainforests and relaxing beaches. If you’re desperate for some culture, the country’s ancient temples can’t be missed, as well as sampling some of the amazing local cuisine.

Best time to visit: Thailand has a tropical climate, and its dry period takes place between November and May.

Thailand as a romantic honeymoon destination: Chateau Impney, Worcestershire wedding venue

French Polynesia

This gorgeous tropical haven boasts 118 islands, all with their own individual character. The most well-known island is Bora Bora, and with a glorious mountain backdrop and picture-perfect white sand beaches, its romantic atmosphere is second to none. However, Moorea’s idyllic bays and ancient temple ruins make it a hidden gem, and lagoons around the region offer great snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Best time to visit: French Polynesia has a year-round tropical climate, with the dry season taking place from May to October.

St Lucia

The unspoilt Caribbean nirvana of St Lucia is a true delight. Home to dramatic landscapes, breathtaking rainforest and even a drive-in volcano, the island offers the perfect mix of culture, adventure and romance. It also offers a great choice of accommodation, from luxury hotel resorts to smaller boutique hotels. My top tip – visit Gros Islet for the spectacular weekly street festival.

Best time to visit: St Lucia is ideal for winter or spring weddings, with its dry season taking place between December and June.

Whether you want to jet off to a far-flung destination or have a bespoke trip in mind, get in touch with Donna at GoCruise to arrange your dream honeymoon. To find out more about holding your wedding at Chateau Impney and to arrange a viewing, call Olivia on 01905 827 585 or email

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